Why Does Trading Places Need to Verify My Week?

Posted by Ian Dunn on Aug 14, 2015 9:45:00 AM
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iStock_000043745846_SmallThe simple answer to this question is that we verify all the information from deposited weeks to make sure that it is correct.

Many of our members do not get to see the steps involved in every deposited week. Therefore, this article sets out to demystify that process.

When an owner deposits their week with us, a process of checks begin to ensure the deposits accuracy. We start with verifying the accuracy of the following: the unit size being deposited, the arrival date, and the maintenance fee payment policies for the property that the week is coming from. This part of the exchange process is the most time consuming as it requires us to get in contact with the owner's resort or their management company to verify that all the information is correct.

The process of checking a weeks accuracy is extremely important because it could potentially lead to some serious issues if it is not done correctly. For instance, if an owner were to give us the wrong week number and the week gets verified, then deposited against, the member going into that wrong week will have an unpleasant  experience when they arrive to their vacation and the unit they exchanged into is overbooked.

To prevent these overbooking situations from happening, after the initial verification check, there are weekly checks normally done by the resort or management company. These checks serve as a quality control measure to try and catch any initial mistakes made in the verification process.

The exchange process is a long system of checks, and monitoring inventory to insure accuracy, and this is where Trading Places really excels. We maintain a high level of accuracy when dealing with our members deposits and exchanges.

Therefore, why not deposit with us and feel confident in all your exchange activity.

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