Vacationing is Beneficial to Your Health

Posted by Ian Dunn on Apr 30, 2015 9:30:00 AM

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What does timeshare, eating healthy, and exercise all have in common? Vacation-Health

They all have wonderful benefits towards your health.

In fact, one article from the non-profit media organization National Public Radio (NPR)  reports:

"[T]he best evidence of the effects of vacations can be found in the Framingham Heart Study, which scientists have been plumbing for years to understand what contributes to our well-being. More than 12,000 men who were at risk of heart disease were followed over nine years to see if there were ways to improve their longevity. Among the questions they were asked annually was about vacations. 'The more frequent the vacations, the longer the men lived,' says [one researcher], who analyzed the data to assess the benefits of vacations."

Another similar article by news giant CNN stated:

"Studies have shown that not taking vacations is linked to health problems. And if people skip vacations, there's a chance that they may die younger than those who don't."

Timeshare is a great way to vacation, as it engages an owner to make annual travel plans. And as various reports have shown, this engagement to vacation as much as possible can be an important benefit to your overall health.
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