Do I Need Travel Insurance If I Own a Timeshare?

Posted by Ian Dunn on Feb 20, 2015 8:00:00 AM

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Travel_Insurance_SmallAn article in the travel section of does an excellent job of prescribing the five reasons as to why travel insurance is important. (You can view the article here.)

However, even with these savvy fives reasons from USA Today, the question still remains for many people who own a timeshare.

Do I need travel insurance if I own a timeshare?

The answer to this question will have many factors. Therefore we have come up with our own top five reasons why travel insurance may be a great choice for timeshare owners.

Reason Number One: Maintenance Fee Coverage

Travel insurance can cover maintenance fee cost. Many travel insurance company's understand that the travel market is comprised of more than just the traveler who pays for a nightly rental. In fact, timeshare is a huge part of the vacationing market. Therefore, it should come to no surprise that many travel insurance agencies will cover all or a good portion of your maintenance fee cost if you need to cancel your week for covered reasons.

Reason Number Two: Coverage Can Apply to Multiple Timeshare Weeks

Another benefit for timeshare owners to have travel protection is that one policy (depending on the company you use) can cover multiple weeks within the same time period of the policy. Therefore, if you own more than one timeshare week you might want to consider travel insurance because it may protect all the weeks you book during the covered period.

Reason Number Three: Flight and Car Coverage

Travel insurance may also cover trip delays due to flight issues, road construction and even road closures. The protection also covers you in case of an accident. Many of these event are unavoidable and further support the benefits for purchasing a travel protection plan.

Reason Number Four: Your Exchange Weeks Are Covered

If you exchange your timeshare often, then travel insurance can be beneficial. Travel insurance will cover a week of exchange that you will be using during the term of your insurance policy.

Reason Number Five: Mobile Concierge

Many travel protection plans include a 24/7 concierge service. This is beneficial because this can provide you with a peace of mind that there is someone always there to help you in the need of an emergency. For instance, say you were traveling abroad and lost your passport, the concierge will be there to assist you in replacing the passport as soon as possible, so that you are not stranded.

Even for those individuals who have the  best of luck when it comes to traveling, there is always the unseen circumstances that can turn a wonderful vacation into a nightmare vacation. Therefore, paying for travel protection might alleviate any circumstances that can lead to a nightmare vacation experience, and this alone might be worth the extra money.

If you are interesting in purchasing or just want to read more information on travel insurance for your timeshare week, please see the following link:


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