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Posted by Ian Dunn on Mar 10, 2015 1:30:00 PM

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DavidWallysExtNow before you start thinking of expensive airfare to Europe, we want you to know we are talking about Genoa, Nevada, not Italy. The city of Genoa, NV was named after the city in Italy, but that is about as close as it gets to resemblance. Trading Places manages David Walley’s Resort and Hot Springs and gets an abundance of inventory for its exchange program year round. 

This “hidden gem” has been quite popular with our exchangers who are looking to visit the Lake Tahoe area and has received rave reviews once our members have finished their vacations. With local activities such as skiing, freshwater fish and game, gambling, golfing and hiking this location is a four season destination with something for everyone. A quick look on Wikipedia will give you a brief history on the city, which for a small town really has a neat history.

Below are some area highlights:

  • Located within the Utah Territory before the Nevada Territory was created in 1861, Genoa was first settled by Mormon pioneers. Orson Hyde changed the name of the community to Genoa, after Genoa, Italy.

  • The community was the home to Nevada's first hotel, newspaper and court. Nevada's first newspaper, the Territorial Enterprise, was founded in Genoa in 1858. Another first for the state, the Genoa Bar, billed "Nevada's oldest thirst parlor", was patronized by Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash.

  • Scenes from the 1973 movie Charley Varrick were filmed in town, and the village was the set for the 1990 movie Misery, starring Kathy Bates, when the village doubled in size with buildings added and then removed after the filming.

  • A mile south of Genoa is David Walley's Resort, a famous natural hot springs and spa. It was first built in 1862 and known as Walley's Hot Springs.

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