The Mechanics of Timeshare Exchange

Posted by Ian Dunn on May 28, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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iStock_000023780190_LargeThe most common way to exchange a timeshare week is by using an exchange company. These types of exchanges are great because they make the process of trading a week both safe and easy.

The basic concept behind exchanging a week with an exchange company is as follows:

Owner A (lets label him John) gives his week to an exchange company, which gives John a credit to exchange for another week. Additionally, this make John's week eligible for exchange; therefore, Owner B (lets label her Jane), has deposited her week as well, and uses her credit to trade into John's week. (See illustration below)


The use of an exchange company does come with some basic restrictions. Many of these restrictions stem from the value assignment to the week that is deposited. This value assignment comes from the exchange company that you've traded your week with, and once the week is entered into their system they factor in many different variables to give your week a final value. Each deposited week could be given a lesser value than what your property or management company values the week. For instance, say John's week was a white valued week (normally a medium valued week), some exchange companies may only give John credit for a blue week (normally the lowest trade value).

Fortunately, Trading Places International (TPI) considers all exchanges as prime time, which is a good reason to choose TPI as your exchange company. Therefore, trade today and get the best value for your week!

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