The Best Way to Get an Exchange into Peak Periods

Posted by Ian Dunn on Jul 17, 2015 11:30:00 AM

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iStock_000048231588_MediumPlanning your exchange around peak periods is often a challenge. The obvious reason for this is because the demand for peak period weeks supersedes the total inventory of weeks, making it extremely difficult to find open inventory. However, we have some exchange facts that will prepare you for securing a high demand week:

Fact #1
- The earlier you make a week request the better odds you have on securing a high demand week.

Fact #2 - If your week request is not available, then ask to be placed on the wait list. The wait list will provide you the opportunity to have Trading Places actively search for an open week for you, so that you do not have to continually check.

Fact #3 - A majority of high demand weeks are booked off the wait list; therefore, this space rarely makes it to the available inventory on our website. This is why the wait list is a crucial part to being sucessful at obtaining a peak period week.

As the above facts mention, it is best to start planning your exchange early. Once you have an idea of a location you're looking to travel to, then your best move will be to request a week through us by calling 800-365-7617 or by clicking on our request now button below.

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