Oh No! Don't Let Your Week Expire

Posted by Ian Dunn on Jun 19, 2015 9:00:00 AM

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iStock_000019992636_SmallEvery year we see a large amount of timeshare owners lose their exchange week because of their expiration date.
As you may already know, most exchange weeks carry a two-year usage based off of your arrival date for the week you are depositing. Many reputable timeshare companies will allow you to extend your deposited week for another year or two for a nominal charge.

As both a timeshare resort management company and an exchange company we do not want you to lose a week you paid your maintenance fees for! Never lose another week due to its expiration; if you have received a notification from us about your week expiring why not contact us to extend it, or better yet, use your banked week to make an exchange today!

Exchange Now!

We also recommend that you read our blog about "Gifting Your Timeshare Exchange", which is a great way to learn about how expiration dates work.


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