4 Remarkably Easy Steps to Help You Timeshare Exchange

Posted by Kelsey Kay Love on 10:25 AM on December 30, 2019
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“From the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam…”

As it resounds in the patriotic song, so it rings true for all of us: loving the landscape includes soaking up the regional nuances—from East-to-West.

The beauty of timeshare ownership is the guarantee of an annual adventure to your favorite travel destination—whether it be wine tasting in California’s Napa Valley, snow skiing on the slopes in Park City, or wandering the historic cobblestone streets of Nantucket Island. But every now and then the wanderlust bug bites, urging us to explore a new destination on the destination bucket list.

With an array of distinguished national and international locations to choose from, our Trading Places International Resort Directory and easy-to-use online Exchange Membership Program offers plenty of alternatives for your next holiday trip, romantic getaway, or family-friendly adventure.

Timeshare and Exchange: A Match Made

Though the majority of timeshare owners overlook some of the best places to stay because it is not apparent how the process works within the scope of their original timeshare contract, Lehr reminds timeshare owners that “not utilizing the exchange system is bad because it is typically the best part of your timeshare, allowing you to get ten times the value of your ownership.”

Ready to secure the best timeshare exchange possible? By following a few straightforward steps, the answer to “How do I successfully swap my timeshare?” is no longer a mystery, but an easily manageable guideline for success.

Vincent Lehr, timeshare owner and author of Timeshare Tips & Tricks, writes in detail about the best ways to secure the ultimate timeshare exchange, often while spending little to no money in exchange fees and traveling to some of the world’s top locations.

Covering topics such as staying at 5-star resorts for pennies on the dollar; besting maintenance costs; and timeshare swapping like a pro; Lehr notes that “...most timeshare owners find trades one of the most frustrating parts of ownership. In a lot of cases, people write it off forever.”

“not utilizing the exchange system is bad because it is typically the best part of your timeshare, allowing you to get ten times the value of your ownership.”

Step #1 Become a Trading Places Exchange Member

To make it easy on yourself planning your dream vacation, browse our convenient Exchange Membership options to determine which one is best for you.

As a Classic Exchange Member, you will receive a number of valuable Trading Places perks, including:

No annual or monthly membership fees

  • Low timeshare exchange fees
  • Easy online exchange booking
  • Convenient guest certificates
  • Last-minute weekly rentals
  • Personalized customer service
  • Resort privileges
  • Cruise privileges, and much more





For only $79 per year, our Prime Exchange Members are entitled to additional benefits like $25 off the exchange fee, $40 off unit upgrades, 50% off season upgrades, Resorts-to-Ports cruise exchanges, 2-for-1 deposits, and split-week exchanges.

Step #2 Make a Timeshare Deposit

Before requesting a timeshare exchange at a different property, timeshare owners are first required to deposit their given week in our online system or with the help of a dedicated Trading Places timeshare professional. Simply log in with your online account details—or make a free account—and follow a few simple steps.

Subject to verification, your timeshare deposit is guaranteed so long as requests are submitted at least 60 days prior to your original timeshare arrival date.


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Step #3 Plan & Coordinate your Timeshare Exchange Options

The time has arrived to start planning your adventure! After depositing your timeshare week, browse our full Resort Exchange Directory for the latest in Trading Places destination options, and when you’re ready, make your Timeshare Exchange Request in our foolproof online platform. Sort by arrival date, departure date, resort, or occupancy for easy navigation and option filtering.

Remember, the sooner you’re able to plan ahead and make requests, the better your chances are for a successful timeshare exchange. Requests can be made up to 24 months in advance with absolutely no risk.

Step #4 Confirm & Get Ready to Travel

When a timeshare exchange opens up that matches your request(s), one of our experienced Trading Places exchange representatives will contact you directly to confirm your details. No exchange fees are collected until we confirm your timeshare exchange, making the process as cost-effective and painless as possible for all of our timeshare owners.

Voila! You’re ready to experience the wide world of travel possibilities with a successful timeshare swap.

Contact us at 800-365-7617 or at Trading Places International for more information or to speak with one of our timeshare representatives.

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Kelsey Kay Love

Written by Kelsey Kay Love

Originally from Texas, Kelsey has spent the last several years traveling full time, living in exotic destinations like Costa Rica, Maui, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and California. A firm believer in traveling randomly and moving frequently, Kelsey is the voice behind Travelin' Fools, and is on a mission to teach you how to live anywhere you want with little planning and even less money.

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4 Remarkably Easy Steps to Help You Timeshare Exchange

4 Remarkably Easy Steps to Help You Timeshare Exchange