Do I Need to be a Member to get a Hot Deal?

Posted by Ian Dunn on Aug 28, 2015 8:00:00 AM
Ian Dunn
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The answer is that technically no you do not need to be a member to book a Hot Deal through us. However, even though you do not need to be a member, you will need to have a Trading Places online account. Below, we have prepared a small guide to help book your next Hot Deal.

The first step will be to go onto and click on the "Vacation Rentals" link, see below:



The next step will be to click on the Hot Deals section, see below:



Next you will need to click on our Hot Deals pop-up, see below:


In this next step you will be able to browse our Hot Deals, and once you find a vacation that you would like to book then you will click on the "Book Unit" button, see below:


This link will bring you to the log-in page, if you have not already logged-in. If you do not have a Trading Places online account, then you will need to create one to finish your booking, see below:


After you have logged-in, the final step of booking your Hot Deal will be to complete the payment information and that is it.

We understand that some deals are too good to be true, which causes many of us to question if there is some sort of catch. However, with Hot Deals, what you see is what you get. Therefore, grab one of these HOT DEALS today and save big on your next vacation!



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