Spend *A Cabo* of days perched on “The End of the Earth”

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TPI resort goers can sightsee El Finisterra and El Arco in Cabo San Lucas, MX

It’s the kind of place that makes your sister’s pool look like a roadside pond, the signature dish from your local Mexican eatery taste like lukewarm nonsense in a tortilla, and the kind of destination that makes returning home seem more and more lamentable.

All together now, whisper: “Meh-he-co.”

While Cancun and Tulum are the highlights of the Caribbean side, Cabo San Lucas and the rest of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula have equally as much appeal and markedly fewer teens on Spring Break.

Dubbed “The End of the Earth” for its pristine location at the tip of the Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas, is also frequently called the “Striped Marlin Capital of the World” and translates to “Cape St. Luke.”

Quick Facts: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Located on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is the original territory of the Pericues Tribe, famous for its advanced maritime technology and fishing skills. Years after, Cabo San Lucas was known for its impressive collection of pearls in the Sea of Cortez, attracting a large population of traders to its shores.

Today, Cabo San Lucas attracts an average of 2.7 million annual visitors and has a full-time resident population of around 95,000 people—an astounding 70 percent of which are North American ex-pats.

Cabo San Lucas has an average year-round temperature of 78° F and approximately 350 days of sunshine per year. Though the rainy season occurs from July to September, the average annual rainfall remains incredibly low at only seven to 10 inches.

Best Lodging Accommodations in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos International Airport is located 25 miles—or roughly 45 minutes—from Cabo San Lucas and is a three-and-a-half-hour flight from Los Angeles, California, and a six-hour flight from New York.

Trading Places International provides guests the opportunity to choose from one of four distinct accommodation options, all located in convenient areas near the most sought after areas of Cabo San Lucas.

Club Cascadas De Baja features amenities like a beachfront location, Jacuzzis, a clubhouse, spa, and hot tub; while Villa Del Palmar Cabo San Lucas’ Spanish mission architecture, nine-foot putting green, sprawling European health spa and salon, sauna, and live entertainment will keep you living the dream, if you choose to exchange with it.

TPIs Club Cascadas pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico TPIs Club Cascadas bedroom in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico TPIs Club Cascadas bar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

For those seeking a seriously stellar swim-up bar situation, our Los Cabos Golf Resort also includes private balconies and patios, kitchens, a convenience store, an 18-hole golf course.

TPIs Los Cabos pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico TPIs Los Cabos bedroom in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

TPIs Los Cabos balcony view in Cabo San Lucas, MexicoTPIs Los Cabos golf course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Elsewhere, the Krystal Grand Los Cabos features its own white sand beach, beachfront massage services, balconies, and a tropical swim-up bar with craft cocktails.

Cabo San Lucas Travel Tips

With Cabo San Lucas occupying the western portion of the Peninsula, you will find San Jose Del Cabo to the east and an area known as “The Corridor” between the two. The most famous attraction of Cabo San Lucas is a rock formation called Land’s End, known as El Finisterra. El Arco—or “The Arch”—makes up part of the formation, and marks the spot where the cooler Pacific Ocean meets the much warmer Sea of Cortez.

Be aware that a number of beaches on Cabo San Lucas’ Pacific side are not fit for swimming, primarily due to strong undertows and dangerous waves. Keep an eye out for posted warning signs, never go out alone, and don’t hesitate to skip the swim in favor of safety.

For swimmable beaches, head to the popular Medano Beach, as well as others like Santa Maria Bay, Playa Palmilla, and Chileno Beach.

Though you will find that the large majority of people speak English, as with anywhere, it is always more ingratiating to practice your Spanish with the locals. You may even just return home with a few new words and phrases as a special souvenir! Several places also accept U.S. dollars as payment, though change and cash from the ATM will be given in Pesos.

The legal drinking age is 18, so expect to see a lot of young faces at the bars. Always hand your credit card or cash directly to your server, as it is seen as rude to leave it lying on the table.

It is almost always okay to drink the tap water in Cabo San Lucas, as the majority of businesses serve filtered water, and it is always best to agree on a final taxi fare before you depart.

When Cabo San Lucas was just starting to bloom as the ultimate locale for a Hollywood getaway, stars such as John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnez would frequent trendy Hotels in Cabo San Lucas.

Top Local Activities & Attractions

If outdoor lounging looks and sounds a lot like your personal heaven, head to Playa Del Amor—Lover’s Beach—for a day in the sun in the Sea of Cortez. For slightly more activity, go scuba diving with whale sharks at La Paz, hammerhead schools at Gordo Banks, and the famous advanced diving spot of Sand Falls, discovered by Jacques Cousteau and called “The Aquarium of the World,” to witness the underwater sand waterfall as it cascades into a 1,200-foot canyon below.

Alternatively, visitors can participate in water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, boating, and whale watching. Try your surf skills at spots like beginner-favorite, Playa Acapulquito, or the more advanced breaks of Zippers, El Tule, and Monuments. Keep an eye out for marine locals like sea turtles, sea urchins, dolphins, and sea lions, as well as humpback and gray whales.

Leisure-seekers will enjoy spending a day at the spa or on the golf course, wandering the Art Walk held every Thursday from November to June, followed by a horseback riding tour along the beach.


TPI resort guests can go horseback riding on the coast in Cabo San Lucas, MX


Those looking to get off the beaten path a bit will enjoy a guided hiking tour with High Tide Los Cabos to a scenic and ultra-swimmable waterfall located inland within Fox Canyon. Head out on a day trip to the charming town of Todos Santos—only one hour away and definitely worth the trip—or East Cape’s Cabo Pulmo National Park.

Dining & Imbibing, Mexico Style

For popular day and night time dining, The Office on the Beach, Mango Deck Restaurant, and Cabo Wabo Cantina—owned by rock legend, Sammy Hagar—are always a hit. Dance the night away at El Squid Roe nightclub, and go back for more the next day. Or maybe once is enough.

For a romantic date night outing with plenty of ambiance, places like Restaurante Los Tres Gallos and Los Cabos Winery offer excellent service and live music, while Sunset Monalisa offers top-notch Mediterranean dishes in a cliffside setting, and Flora Farms offers the best of farm-to-table experiential dining.

Other worthy foodie delights include Isabel Restaurant Bar, Romeo and Julieta Ristorante for homemade Italian, and the family-owned Roasted Grill & Bar for shrimp ceviche and other seafood wonders.

Trading Places International is the easiest, most trustworthy place to book your ideal exchange, and we look forward to making your next trip your best one yet. Contact our team of travel professionals for assistance or questions, or simply book your exchange online anytime.



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Spend *A Cabo* of days perched on “The End of the Earth”

Spend *A Cabo* of days perched on “The End of the Earth”

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