Can Trading Places Sell My Week?

Posted by Ian Dunn on Sep 18, 2015 8:00:00 AM
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iStock_000041331124_LargeTrading Places understands that selling a timeshare on the secondary market is never easy. The pricing is reflective to the supply and demand of each individual resort.

Unfortunately, Trading Places International does not have a resales program of its own. However, we can offer some great advice if you're looking to sell your timeshare.



Perhaps selling your timeshare is something that you are considering. If so, you are not alone, but before you make the choice to sell your timeshare, make sure that you have exercised all of your usage options first.

For instance, if the reason for wanting to sell your timeshare week is that you are unable to use your week annually, understand that there are options available to you that can possibly help you make use of your timeshare. The best solution, to the previous issue, would be to deposit your week with an exchange company like Trading Places International, as it would extend the usage of your week for up to two years depending on your week's check-in date.

Are you looking to extend the usage of your week? If so, use the link below and deposit your week today!

Deposit Your Week Now


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